Microsoft launches SnapChat Killer App - Microsoft Sprinkles

Unknown 12:37 PM
Microsoft is trying hard to get into mainstream consumer mind and their latest effort is trying to fight with Snapchat to get some consumers. 

Basis a report in Fortune,  The technology giant debuted Tuesday a new mobile app that lets people take pictures of themselves and add silly captions or graphics to the pictures, similar to the popular photo app Snapchat.

The new Sprinkles app is currently only available for iPhone users, and Microsoft did not say when it would debut for Android or Windows-powered smartphones.

What makes Sprinkles different from Snapchat  is that the app uses Microsoft’s various artificial intelligence technologies to automatically generate captions based on the photos and suggest goofy graphics like emoji to adorn people’s selfies.

Would you try and use this app? share your view sin comments box below. 

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