Vine Updates their Windows10 App, exciting changes finally

Unknown 8:45 AM

Vine has published an official app for their service some time ago already. However, if you have installed this app, you might have noticed that the company didn’t really care for the app. I can’t exactly tell you when the app has been updated for the last time, though I know that it has been a long time ago. Today the company has finally published a brand new app for their service which is now available in the Windows App store to download.

This time the company has decided to offer a universal app of their Windows App which is very nice. Now you can use the same app on your PC, Tablet and mobile device if it is running Windows 10. Well at least in the future you will be able to use the app on all of your devices running Windows 10, on mobile devices the update will take a bit more time to land there. Currently only the PC version is live in the store.

With the new universal app Twitter has implemented a few nice features which the old app was not capable of. So the new app features a Live Tile, Drag & Drop to upload images and there is now an adaptive app design. Have a look at the screenshots embed below:

The new Vine app works pretty well on PC’s and tablets and I am definitely looking forward to see this update landing on my Windows 10 Mobile phone. Until then, try the PC app and feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on the new Vine app from Twitter. Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Download the updated Vine Application here

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