Angry Gran Run for Windows 10 received new UPDATE with new features

12:20 AM
Universal Angry Gran Run today received new update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.The update takes the version to 1.36.The changes brought by this update is given in the changelog below.


  • Beautiful and updated new graphics for April!
  • NEW environment set in LONDON!
  • Avoid the Double Decker Buses, Bowler Hats, Road Works and More!
  • Meet our BRAND NEW character, HARRY! – Exclusive to LONDON!
  • Mystery Machine with lots of prizes!
  • New Missions!
  • New themes and characters every month!
  • Improved Gacha prize art
  • Pause button moved to less intrusive area
  • Easter Bunny returns for April!
  • Increased collectible spawn rates
  • Definitive time limit on collectibles
  • New Loading Screen

 Click here to download Angry Gran Run for Windows 10 

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