Latest WhatsApp update ( v2.12.300) brings improved notifications and Chat UI

10:22 AM

The most popular personal messaging app, WhatsApp with over a billion users has just picked a new update in windows store, to version 2.12.300.

The latest update has received a quite a few new features which you won't most probably notice in the first run. So, what is new in this update for you?

  1. Improved Chat UI : Chat bubbles adapt to the length of the text - grouped messages
  2. Improvements to Toast and Action Center Notifications : Toasts no can show 4 or more lines of text when expanded. Also, if there are uncleared notifications in the action center, they will be cleared automatically when you open the app. You did want this feature didn't you?
  3. Live Tile shows you a preview of the most recent message when it flips.
  4. About page has received some styling touch

If you had noticed any other change, please do share with us in the comments below.

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