WhatsApp Beta gets an awesome update, now with inbuilt Video Compression and Ability to exchange Documents

Unknown 10:56 PM

Whatsapp has released an update to their Beta Testers, updating the app to a newer Version 2.12.306. This update is pretty amazing and has brought in a lot of improvement and some exciting features

  1. InBuilt Video Compressor: The Beta app user is now able to send video of arbitrary size due to a built-in video compressor. 300 MB files are sent easily
  2. Document Sharing: The app user can now send and receive documents via the OS share function (though not directly attached from the app)
  3. The app is has dropped the Page which used to show how may days are left to renewal of the subscription, this follows the announcement form that company where the fee has been dropped forever

The WhatsApp beta program is closed to restricted set of users but the general user need not to worry at all. We have seen that the changes which reflect in the Beta Program are passed onto the the general users in a week's time. Registered Beta Testers can hit out to the store and fetch the update. 

Do let us know if you are a registered user and tried out these changes. Also, update us on any new feature you observed. 

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