Spotify stops development for it's Windows Phone app.

11:41 PM

"Spotify" which offers you instant access to millions of songs from old favorites to the latest hits. Just by hitting on play to stream anything you like, Today confirmed that they are quitting there Windows phone app development , The company last updated its Windows Phone app in 2015, and now they won’t be releasing any further updates for their Windows Phone app.

Are you using "Spotify"..?

Dont worry you can use there services but in future you never get updates for Spotify app.

Spotify Statement :

“We can confirm Windows Phone 8.x is no longer supported. You can still use our Spotify application on the associated devices but it will no longer receive any further updates and download the application. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Statement about Windows 10 app :

“Regarding Windows 10, we can’t say at the moment if or when any specific release will be out, but as soon as there is something new, you will receive a notification on your device that an update is available and prompted to download it "

We have just hope may be Spotify will release app in Future for Windows 10 users.Stay connected for future reports.



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