New Update For Snapchat Client Specter Now Available On Microsoft Store

8:19 PM

Snapchat has been thriving on Windows and other third party apps for quite a while now, and it seems really odd even after weeks of the existence of Snapchat client Specter, the app remains in the store.

The Snapchat client Specter has been getting continuous updates since its launch as a beta app early this year. It has recently gained a new update to version in the store. The new update now comes up with the ability which allows users to send video messages along with swipe to open the hamburger menu.

The previous update of this app was about fixing the issues reported with login, and improve the UI and marking of the messages.

The most interesting fact about this particular app is that it’s not basic design, nor is it sparse functionality, however it still exists. For all those who do not mind spend £1.19 in order to use Snapchat for 1-1chats, its one of the best options available for now, however it would be a real surprise if this app is around for a long time and reaches the quality level of 6snap.

You can now easily download Specter from the Windows Store.

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