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 OneNote have slowly and steadily became one of the most popular note-taking apps. This app is available across all platforms, which includes Mac, Android, Windows and iOS. The Evernote fan who acknowledge OneNote appeal are a bit hesitant to make a switch, as all their ideas and informations are available in EverNote. However, Microsoft has removed this barrier by introducing a new tool, which will help you to import notes from Evernote to OneNote. Hence, giving you an opportunity to switch to OneNote. 

The importer tool is available across platform, except for Mac. Microsoft promised to make it available to Mac in the coming months. To download importer click here.

Microsoft states,

“Today, we are removing this barrier and are thrilled to announce a tool that will help you import your Evernote notes into OneNote. The OneNote Importer tool (for Windows initially) migrates all of your Evernote content into OneNote, giving you the opportunity to switch to OneNote and have all your notes in one place, on all your devices. We will deliver the Importer tool for Mac in the coming months.”

OneNote and EverNote is quite similar, however OneNote comes with certain advantages, which includes a free-form canvas wher you will be able to mix text, images, documents, handwriting, audio, video and more. You will also be able to gain free offline access, along with unlimited monthly uploads.

 Microsoft states,

 “While OneNote is free on all devices, it comes with Office and works seamlessly with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to help you stay organized, collaborate and get things done. Evernote Premium ($49.99/year) is more than 70 percent of the cost of Office 365 Personal ($69.99/year), which includes all the apps you know and love, plus 1 TB of storage.”

To get started migrating your Evernote notes to OneNote, you will need to follow the instructions given below:

  • A PC with Windows 7 or later. Once your Evernote notes are imported, they’ll sync across all your devices—Mac, iOS and Android included.
  • To speed up the migration process, it is recommended you have Evernote for Windows installed. Sign in to Evernote for Windows with your Evernote account and make sure your latest notes are synced before importing.

  Check the official video to see how easyily you can Importer tool from Evernote to OneNote.

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