Get Ready for T20 Cricket Season with Bing!

Unknown 6:49 PM

Well, the cricket season is here and the entire world is going crazy about who would win the World Cup T20 Trophy this year. For all Windows Lover, Microsoft today released an update to Bing and Cortana search which would now tell you about World Cup Fixtures, Give you Predictions, Test your Cricketing Knowledge with a daily quiz and keep you update with ball by ball commentary.

Microsoft has got your back in following manner:

  • What happening? Just search for Cricket World Cup in Bing or ask just Cortana, and you would get a result highlighting match predictions, live scores, last match results etc. 
  • Bing Predicts: Challenging your friend over who would win today? Trust Bing, Just ask Cortana or Bing, Cricket World Cup and get prediction on which team has more chances to win the day's match
  • Cortana: Type or Say, Cortana Score <Your Favourite Team>  and Cortana will give your entire schedule for the team, give your fixtures and last results
  • Quiz: If you think you are the biggest Cricket Fan, then ask Cortana or Bing for a Cricket Challenge, and you'd be thrown 5 questions each day. Answer them and become a star of the day. You can share your score on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends to compete with you as well

What's stopping you now, Just head to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile and get ready for the most exciting Cricket T20 Season. Anyways, which team are your supporting? Our favourite is INDIA.

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