Bing Rewards now in India, with current tie up with Freecharge

Unknown 3:29 PM

The most unique reward point process is finally here in India. Microsoft's Bing Rewards program is now live in India which will give you credit whenever you perform a unique search on Bing. For example, You search for Live Cricket Score and you earn a credit against that. 

Till date the Bing Reward service was not available in India, but now it's live and you earn FreeCharge Credits when you search for something on Bing! This is how it look for my account right now:

Currently, only Freechanrge has tied up with Microsoft for the Bing Reward Program, but we're sure there is still plenty of work to be done in India in this regard. 

Need to make a note, that you won't be credited each time you search. There is an upper limit of earning 10 points daily. T Each unique search query within the last 5 queries will earn you 1 credit. But the Credits are credit across universe and platform may it be desktop, Mobile, Tablet etc.

You can Sign up for Bing Rewards here. 

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