Windows App Studio Update Brings Agenda Layout, Searching In Apps & other New Features

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Microsoft has released a new update for its Windows App Studio platform which brings a lot more new robust features. This update is the first of 2016 and contains new features, some bug fixes, and improvements in the user experience and documentation.

With over 200 million Windows 10 devices out in the wild, Windows App Studio provides a great way to reach them directly with your content.

New feature highlights:

Grouped layout – Windows App Studio now supports grouping data based on a data point.  This feature lets users represent their in groups based on certain criteria.  This could be used when displaying a list of products grouped by brand or other data point.  It can also be used to group things based on date or time.  For example when used for the events template, this lets the user create an agenda or schedule.  This feature introduces a lot more flexibility into how you can display your data.


Date & Date/Time data type – We introduced two new data types for our collections: Date and Date/Time (Date + Time w/ minutes precision).  This allows you to append date and time info to any collection entry, which in turn enables a lot more experiences such as organizing information by time.  To support this feature, there is a new date/time picker, new calendar formatting options, and new calendar actions so the end user can add events to their personal calendars. In addition to the collections data source, Date and DateTime data types can be used among all the data sources of Windows App Studio that have date times fields (RSS, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), allowing you to take advantage of the DateTime formats and use these data sources with the new Grouped Layout.

Search within app –With this release, we’re delivering a long-requested feature: enabling search within an app generated in Windows App Studio.  This lets users search through an app to find specific content, which is particularly helpful when there is a lot of data.

Collection favorites –Now your end users can have the option to save any data from your collections as their favorites into a favorites section.  If you enable this for their users, as they browse your collections they can mark certain entries as their favorites to save for easy browsing later.

Service improvements – In this release cycle, we also improved the back end of the App Studio service to make your experience smoother.  This included updating the app generation model to use VS2015 Update 1 (which means developers can target more devices) and improved and updated how-to documentation.

There is also going to be a contest where 10 best apps created with App Studio will be showcased.

We also are excited to announce that later this month we will kick off a contest to showcase the great Windows 10 apps you are creating with Windows App Studio.  For the contest, we will select the best Windows 10 apps that are published to the store, and 6 of them will be featured on the Windows App Studio homepage!  We are still finalizing some of the details on the contest and will post official rules and details in the next two weeks, so check back for it soon

Just in case you don't know, Windows App Studio is a great great platform for beginners or novices with little or no knowledge of code at all, to create apps and publish them to the store and reach out to the millions out there.

To get started, head to this link

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