Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Gains A new Update

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Microsoft is listening and channeling feedback directly into the product. Hence, the company released an update which would continue to address the feedback.

Panos Panay, in the official blog states,

“Building devices people love is what drives our team. It’s why we come in to work every morning and it’s what keeps us up at night. And feedback from our customers is really important to the team and to me personally. I read the blogs, I read the comments, I read social media, I read the forums…and so does the team. We love the energy. We’re listening and channeling that feedback directly into our products. Today we’re releasing an update to continue to address that feedback.”

The new update includes a set of Microsoft and Intel drive along with firmware updates for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, which will help you to gain the most power management options, which has been designed to offer and which will make your Surface more productive.

The company states,

“We love our Surface customers. You are our early adopters and our fans and you keep inspiring us with what you are able to do with Surface. You keep pushing us to make Surface even better.”

Microsoft is continuously improving Surface and keeps pushing out updates, to improve the performance of the device. As explained in the official blog of Microsoft, “to help all our customers realize the full benefits of the latest silicon and Windows 10. With that in mind, one of the most important steps you can take is to ensure your Surface is up-to-date with the fixes we post on Windows Update.”

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