New Indic Phonetic keyboards for Windows 10 Mobile.

1:23 AM

We are pleased to let you know Windows 10 Mobile newly supports 10 Indic Phonetic keyboards below:-

1.Bangla (India) Phonetic
2.Gujarati Phonetic
3.Hindi Phonetic
4.Kannada Phonetic
5.Malayalam Phonetic
6.Marathi Phonetic
7.Odia Phonetic
8.Punjabi Phonetic
9.Tamil Phonetic
10.Telugu Phonetic

How to install Indic Phonetic keyboards:-

1.Go to Settings page.
2.Select 'Time & language'
3.Tap 'Keyboard' and 'Add keyboards'
4.Scroll to your expected keyboard and select it. (e.g. Hindi Phonetic keyboard.

5.Check Added Keyboard.

6.Download language data via Windows Update. It requires reboot.

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