Moving Away From WindowsPhone: Is This The Story of Most of the tech Savvies?

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Windowsphone vs android
As the days are passing by, we are seeing that many of the loyal Windows Phone users are moving away from Windows Phone. We might be thinking, whats wrong with the people? or Whats wrong with the OS? But obviously there are many reasons that the loyal Windows Phone users are moving away from the OS and either they are getting into iOS or Android.

Explaining the causes, we may find several reasons which is forcing them the users to move. The first big point is the App gap which is forcing tech savvies to move from Windows Phone. Though Microsoft is trying to close the app gap but, honestly, they have a long way to go. Many of the apps are slowly coming to Windows store but the fact is, are they the same useful as they are on iOS or on Android? The answer is a big No! 

Here I'm writing my own story. My honest story of moving away from Windows Phone to Android. The way I felt while using Windows Phone, the heartfelt memories Ive with my Windows Phone, are really valuable and very precious for me. Many of the tech savvies may find their stories similer and the truth is, Yes this is happening! Ive seen many of my friends moving away just infront of me and so is me!

Back in April 2013, I bought my Lumia 520 when it was very new to the market. Windows Phone was just getting into the market slowly. On that time many of my friends used to say that Windows Phone is a piece of shit, but I never heard to their bullshits and honestly I never felt the way they described Windows Phone. I had a good feeling about Windows Phone. It was pretty much different and unique phone. Not many people were familiar with Windows Phone on that time.

The OS design was not like to normal regular OS, the UI was different, it was whole new world in the smartphone world. Though I faced few problems just after buying the phone but nothing can stop a curious mind, I sorted out the problems by my own from the internet. After those few problems, everything was cool. Nothing stopped me except some little problems which i sorted out very easily.

But why switching to Android after being a loyal Windows Phone fan and more than that, running a huge Windows Phone community and blog? yeah there are obviously some reasons behind it.
Windowsphone vs android

  1. After using Windows Phone for a long time I needed a break from the OS
  2. I wanted to experience other OS like Android (It can be done by taking a friend's phone for sometime but having my own phone is a different matter)
  3. I felt that Windows Phone apps are far more lagged behind than android and now after using Android for near about 3 months I can say this for sure.
  4. Android apps are much more smoother than WindowsPhone. If u use both device side by side, you'll also be able to realize that.
  5. Most of the apps and games launch to Android and iOS first and later it goes live into Windows store and sometimes the developers forget about Windows Store.
  6. Windows Phone homescreen is nice but sometimes I felt i need customization which wasnt available on Windows Phone.
  7. The GooglePlay makes a big difference also. It a huge collection of various things, where as Windows store is not as good as PlayStore
Windowsphone vs android

But there are some features which are decent for Windows Phone. specially the Camera and Office related stuffs. But till Windows 10 for phones goes live for every phone, I would say the Android is a better OS for phones specially for the tech savvies.

Are you finding your story same like me? Let us know in the comments below!

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