Microsoft Delivers Red Hat Enterprise Linux To Azure

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Microsoft is now selling Red Hat Enterprise Linux Azure. You will now be able to deploy Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHLE) from the Azure Marketplace and gain support for your deployments from Microsoft as well as from Red Hat.

Along with this, Microsoft has also announced that it will now be offering certified Bitnami images in the Azure Marketplace, and it will also support Walmart‘s open sourceOneOps application lifecycle management platform. 

Seeing ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Linux’ together in a single sentence would surprise some people, but Microsoft claims that more than 60% of the images which is in the Azure Marketplace are now Linux-based.

The company states,

"With Microsoft being part of the Red Hat Certified Cloud & Service Provider program, it’s easy to run Red Hat Linux solutions on Azure. Use Red Hat Cloud Access to move existing subscriptions from the following eligible products to Azure: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Server, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Web Server, Red Hat Gluster Storage, and Red Hat OpenShift."

Previously, Red Hat and Microsoft have announced its partnership, which is the result of this particular release, so the fact that you will now be able to spin up RHEL virtual machines on Azure should not be a complete shock.

RHEL users were already able to port their existing licenses over to Azure, however, now anyone can spin up a RHEL machine on Azure and also get complete support from Microsoft and Red Hat.

 Microsoft states,

“We’re teaming up with Red Hat to create an integrated support experience. No matter whether you run your Red Hat solution on premises or in Azure, and no matter who you contact for support, you’ll get a consistent support experience. Plus, you’ll get double the expertise, co-located technical engineers, and a seamless and coordinated escalation and resolution process. We call this unique model the Integrated Hybrid Support experience.”

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