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Lumia 550

Microsoft announced First Redstone #Windowsinsider build for Lumia 550/650/950/950XL and Mi4.

But, among them Lumia 550 users are facing problem in charging there device even after trying Resetting there Phones. If you are using Lumia 550 and facing this issue then you are on right place, We have solution for this problem mostly users solve this problem just following these sample steps:

1. Download the Windows Device Recovery Tool

2. When you launch the app, make sure your phone is off. Don't plug in your phone yet.

3. Hold the volume -,  +, and the power button and the same time for a few seconds. What I did was I held these buttons and plugged the phone into the computer ( with recovery tool app on) right after, while still holding the buttons.

4. The previous process will set your phone into a boot loop. Once the recovery app detects your phone, the computer will start to download a non-insider version of windows 10 mobile. After a while your phone will disconnect, but don't worry the recovery app will still continue to download the firmware.

5. Once the recovery tool finishes the download, turn off your phone and repeat step 3, this will start the installation of the firmware and your computer will basically force your phone to stay on.

NOTE: The Recovery Tool recommends your phone to be at 25% battery, BUT  u can try  this with low phone battery and  your phone should be charging when you repeat step 3 in step 4.

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