List of Manufacturers making #Windows10 Mobile for the world

Unknown 9:38 AM
They say that the power of product is greater than the power of the market. Well, it holds true for the Microsoft Windows10 Project unifying the PC and the Mobile Versions. But since alone Microsoft really can't deliver and the Windows10 ahaead, it really needs a lot of support from the OEMs to accept and push the OS to the consumer.  

For Now, We haven't seen any big player like Samsung or HTC to push out Windows10 Mobile from their factories neither we have heard of any such confirmed news from these giants. But if the latest report from the AdDuplex is to be trusted, then there is a big list of OEMs which have been released which includes names of big and small players who are playing around and testing Windows10 Mobile is their warehouses. 

This list still misses names like Samsung or HTC which really can change things around for Windows10 across the globe. Only the time will tell if these OEMs with their Windows10 Mobile offering would be able to change the OS ecosystem.

Please share your thought over Windows10 Mobile growth in the comments section below. 

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