Hike Messenger gets a big update with mp3 sharing, 1000 member group and lots more

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If there is one app which can really compete with WhatApp in terms of features and usability, then it is none other than - Hike Messenger. In addition to pure text messaging, the users can send each other graphical stickers, emoticons, images, videos, audios, files, voice messages, contacts, user location and lot more.

What's new from Hike?

Firstly a big thank you to all our Windows hikers who keep contacting us and sharing awesome feedback! It’s only because of your feedback we came to know about a major bug prison escape.

Here are some bugs that won’t be bothering you anymore!

  • Bug Notification Tray (Status: Deceased) – this bug kept the notifications on the notification tray window even after opening hike
  • Bug Profile Picture (Status: Captured) – this prevented you to upload your gorgeous new profile picture!
  • Bug Group Crasher (Status: Deceased) – this stubborn bug prevented you from adding new members to your existing or new group
  • Bug Clock (Status: Captured) – this bug showed everything in 12 hour format instead of 24 hour format as per your system
  • Bug Forward Crasher (Status: Deceased) – this nasty bug prevented you to forward anything! Literally if you tried to forward a sticker, message, video, photo, PDF, MP3’s it simply crashed hike!

In addition to this they managed to add some features which we are sure you will enjoy !

  • Brand New Chat themes: Valentine’s Day would be incomplete without this beautiful new Love theme !
  • Share multiple MP3’s : You can now share upto 15 MP3’s at one go
  • 1000 Member Group Chat: Yes you read that right! You can now have upto 1000 (One Thousand) friends in a single group!

We made it a whole lot easier to invite your friends onto hike from other apps in a single click. Check it out on Invite Friends and then Share via other option. Grab Hike Messenger update from Windows Store

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