Are Windows Mobile Users going down? Europe says, No! Usage shows New Records in Growth

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As per the discussion of numerous people, Windows Phone seems to be collapsing and that people are switching to Android and iOS devices because of the long wait for Windows 10 Mobile. However, it is right that some users did go on to change their devices, usage of Microsoft’s smartphone OS is not declining at all.

Europe has always been among the most successful market for Windows Phone and as per the study carried on by security company Avast, confirms that the Microsoft platform continues to thrive better in Europe in comparison to United States.

As per the research (Google Translate version) conducted at MWC 2016 at Barcelona, Spain, showed that around 6% of the people who attended the event were Windows Phone user, while iOS lead the way with 50% and Android with 42%.

The procedure which was followed by Avast to determine the mobile platform usage involved setting up hotspots in Barcelona, which allowed everyone and anyone to connect. Around 2,000 users were connected to this unencrypted wireless networks in just 4 hours, according to the firm.

There are certainly many reasons which might say that these particular figures might not be particularly accurate and that they should not be taken for granted, however it is another proof which allows us to say that the usage of Windows Phone is higher in Europe.

 While it is correct that the Windows Phone’s market share has never raise above 3% in the United States, but the platform has reached 15% in specific European markets in 2015, and this is mostly due to the wide collection of Lumia phones.

 Now the entire hope is completely on Windows 10, the revamp operating system, which is due to go live all available Windows Phone users by the end of the month. Windows 10 Mobile will boost the adoption of Windows Phones, should meet its expectation, however, for now Microsoft is completely silent and not revealing any plans for the platform or for the upgrade version which is being aimed at all Windows Phone devices.


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