Fhotoroom updated for Windows 10 with Appreciation Mask and Bug Fixes

7:52 PM
fhotoroom app
Fhotoroom, a popular photo editor which recently made it's debut to Windows 10 with lots of features, received another update today. The update comes with bug fixes, performance improvement, and adds appreciation mask.
Fhotoroom is one of the most advanced non-destructive image editors that utilizes a completely unique way of editing photos. With a common and friendly user interface, fhotoroom's unique method of photo editing allows for larger previews and faster interactive editing making photo editing and experimenting a joy even with large photos.
 Share your photos with one of the fast growing community of photography lovers, where every member joined because they wanted to be part of a great community rather than forced just to get access to the most powerful photo app.


  • Fhotoroom was completely rewritten for Windows 10 Mobile so please help us find those bugs. (beta)
  • Thanks to feedback we have been able to fix a lot Windows 10 beta bug fixes.
  • To show our appreciation Masks has been added to Fhotoroom
  • General Bug Fixes and Improvements
 Click here to download Fhotoroom app for Windows 10 
 Source : Microsoft 

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