Excited about Windows10 UWP apps? Learn how to convert iOS app to Windows10 Apps

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Microsoft is pumping up their Project Islandwood dev team and they recently released a demonstration of converting a simple app from iOS to Windows 10. Microsoft is relying on their Porting Technology which lets a developer convert his iOS app easily to a Windows Universal App through a technology called  - Project Islandwood.  Microsoft is so sure about this technology that they foresee a gap bridging term here. 

In a recent blog, Microsoft tried giving a step by step demo of converting a simple iOS app, a calculator, which uses iOS Storyboards and Auto Layout, to a responsive Universal Windows App.

We are ready to run the app through the vsimporter tool. To do so, you’ll need to copy your Xcode project files to your Windows Machine (or VM). With the files copied, open the Xcode project folder on your Windows machine.
You’ll want to navigate to the directory that has the Calculator.xcodeproj folder in it. In Windows Explorer, click File-> Open Command Prompt.
Open the Windows Bridge for iOS folder (winobjc) and navigate to the “bin” folder. Find the file named vsimporter.exe and drag it onto your command prompt window, then press “Enter.”
Go back to your Xcode project folder and you will see that a new Visual Studio solution (Calculator-WinStore10.sln) has been created automatically as the output of the bridge. The Calculator app is now a Universal Windows App.

Microsoft highlighted that this project didn’t encounter any unsupported iOS API calls, but they want more and more developers to try this projects so that the Microsoft team encounter such issues and resolve them to have a fool proof plan, helping developers to port more and more iOS apps to Microsoft's UWP.

What do you think of the Universal Windows Platform? Do you think the app developers would let their apps convert?

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