Check out the new update of Panzer Geekz.

10:22 PM

Panzer Geekz get Updated and jump to version 1.1.

How to Play..?

When Geekz dress up and play World War II Americans who hold a grudge, no toy is left standing.

Put on your helmet, man the wheel and trash, trash, trash your tank through model landscapes of France, Flandern, Austria, Morocco, Japan, Germany and New Swabia ­ TO THE MAX!

Ram everything you can, from trees and houses to sheep, French herders, Krautz, pandas, cows, Japs, geishas and everything else in your way to GET THAT FLAG!

What's New in this version.?

•Fixed issues in loading scenes,
•Achievements triggering reviewed
•UI and aesthetic improvements
•User input controls improved
•Slight re-balancing in some levels
•Audio and other minor fixes.

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