Vine App fetches an improvement Update on Windows Mobile Store

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Vine app for Windows mobile got a new update. The last time the app got updated for Sept'15 and this has been a long due update for Vine users. Though this is not a major update but brings along bug fixes and performance improvements.

Vine is much more than a shiny, new social playtoy. Unlike your dubsmash Videos, It's got a lot more going for it than just novelty. Vine presents brand or people with an innovative, surprisingly powerful way to take present visual content performs well on social media. 

Why should you use Vine?

  • All you need to do is hold your finger on the screen to record and take it off to pause. It's that simple
  • The Videos you make can be quickly scanned on the go is about as convenient as it gets for your audience. It's mobile. It's social.
  • It's ideal during live events or when you want to involve others in the action shot and you can share an exciting firsthand experience not just on the channel itself, but on other social media platforms and even on your own blog
  • A free mobile app, Vine goes wherever you go as long as you have your smartphone. All it takes is six seconds.
Check the changelog provided in the store that belongs to the last major update. Version Upgrade Chanelog:
  • Now you can double-tap to like! 
  • Find more accounts to follow with a new list of suggested Viners. Tap the Find People icon in the top left corner to see hand-picked suggestions
  • Video performance improvements and bug fixes

You can install Vine from here. Do share your Vine Video links with us at our facebook group or seed our comments below.

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