Universal Fused App for Windows10 is here, now Fuse your Videos & Pictures

Unknown 10:40 PM

Fused is a new entrant entering the excitingly new Universal App ecosystem on the Windows 10. 
It is a new image cum Video -editing app for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile which will let you layer your photos and videos with backgrounds, lots of effects and would make your images.

It's not at all tough to hover around to use the app; all you need to do is select an image or video, select the mode to blend, add masking and effects, and share your creation on social media.

Let's go through all these features of the Fuse App:

  • A revolutionary UI, simple and intuitive to use
  • Import and blend video clips (up to 15 secs), photos, or a combination of the two together. Let your imagination run wild!
  • 20 real-time blending modes
  • Color adjustment tools for more control over blending
  • Draw and erase tools to perfectly map out your masking/blending area
  • Share directly to all of your favorite social places
You can create some awesome projects by using featured artist and effects. 

The best part is that it's a free app but has those irritating app which keep popping up. If you need a ad free version, all you need to do is to shell out $0.99. (INR 65). Additional packs and blend modes can also be purchased from within the app.

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