The Story of Lumia Camera: Evolution - Part ll

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Few days ago we wrote the first part, The Story of lumia camera: the Birth. Here is the second part.

After the launch of 920 which was the first Windows phone which was special for photography, it was the photography monster Lumia 1020. With the 41MP Camera Nokia showed serious interest on photography. With the Carl Zeiss options nothing was far on that camera. It was able to bring closer the things that are very far. This monster camera phone changed the definition of photography in smartphone. 41mp camera on a Nokia phone wasnt new but it was for the first time in Windows phone. With the help of Nokia Camera app, the phone was no less than a DSLR.
The Lumia 1020 was a super hit in the market just after getting released in July 2013. Not only this phone which helped in shaping out the photography, the nokia camera app also took a vital role. the Nokia Camera app which gave a DSLR like features in the simple Windows Phones, opened a huge portal for the photography lovers. The Nokia Camera app developers are still working hard for the development of this special gifted app.
One of the unique features of this Nokia Camera app is the Action shot which makes this really unique.
In October 2013, Nokia Launched another all rounded phone, the Nokia lumia 1520 which is still used by many of the hardcore lumia lovers. The phone was superb and all rounded. In most of the features it had no opponent on its time. The camera was also good enough to take awesome crystal clear pictures. It even won the best smartphone award organised by gsmarena.

In April 2014, Nokia was back again with Nokia Lumia 930 which was another all rounded smartphone with good photography features. After the Nokia branding changed to Microsoft, they made another great camera phone and it isnt long ago. In November 2015, Microsoft brought Lumia 950 and 950XL.

So we can see from the birth of the Windows Phone, it is related with heavy photography and the Lumia users are making the best use of it. Lumia photographers are taking over all other smartphone photographers. Now a days even the National Geography travelers are using the Lumia phones for better photography!

Do you think that the camera is well developed with the time? Is there anything related to camera you are missing in the Windows Phones? Sound off below!

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