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11:19 AM
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Today popular cross platform sharing app once again scores a minor update in Windows Phone store. Last time three days back we reported that SHAREit picks up a minor update which brings some odd changes to app, that time the app was gained the old UI and some tweeks made to the app name, SHAREit to
But today the update doesn't not come with change log, so we assume that this is a bug fix and performance improvement update. The app version is now from
The best thing about app that we can share files faster between any platform(even with PC) without using data plan.
Also in addition to that, while replying on twitter to one of the windows phone user official twitter profile revels that they are working on new feature by which users can share their apps and games with other windows phone users.
This feature maybe comes first to Windows 10 mobile users, due to new API's revels by Microsoft while releasing Windows 10 mobile.
So we have to just now wait and watch. The latest update now live on store, you can download the app from here by hitting following link.
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Source - twitter

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