'Ridiculous Marathon' Endless Runner Game Updated with New Improvements

11:46 PM
ridiculous marathon Today Game Troopers new endless runner game Ridiculous Marathon snags an minor update in Windows phone store taking it to version 1.1.
Ridiculous Marathon
GET READY TO RUN A CRAZY MARATHON FILLED WITH CANDY, TOFFEE, SWEETS AND CONFETTI Help the pet to flee in order to avoid punishment, run while you are collecting coins and candies in the Amazon forest from Brazil. Run, jump, crouch, change lanes and dodge obstacles like fences, truckloads of wood, and travel through impressive caves and ancient indigenous villages on your route
As we all know Game troopers company is pretty excited about Windows platform. As they are releasing their new and fantastic games for Windows platform gradually.
This game update doesn't bring any new feature, but bring some minor improvements to game. As I personally found that when we entered in a game, we automatically get sign in Xbox live services. So we don't need to click on 'connect' everytime when we enter in a game.
But if you find any new changes in the game other than this, then don't forget to reply us back in comment section below.
Make sure that you hit following link to download that fantastic endless runner game.
Download Ridiculous Marathon.
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