Nokia 1008 : The Twisting 38mp Beast

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After acquisition of Nokia's hardware division by Microsoft, we've been waiting for Nokia's comeback.We've read about many concept devices and leaks of Nokia's upcoming devices, one of such device is Nokia 1008 or Nokia Catwalk.

 What makes it special?  

This device comes with a 38mp camera, which can go 360 degree. Despite the significant camera module, the phone appears really slim and elegant.


  • WP8 Blue
  • Snapdragon 600 1.6GHz with Adreno 320
  • 2GB RAM
  • Top and bottom anodised aluminium, rear hull polycarbonate
  • 4.5 Puremotion HD+, CBD, GG3
  • 38MP Sensor, PureView V1+V2
  • Optical zoom x3
  • Double LED flash AND Xenon
  • Twin microphones for stereo recording
  • 32GB, MicroSD
  • 3200mah battery
  • Wireless charging
  • Back can be made with 3D printer hence multitude of choices
Nokia Catwalk is designed by Edgar Mkrtchyan from My Dream Nokia Network,in his own words...
Here is my Catwalk, I appointed in 1008, I’d love to see at MWC, it also incorporates a rotating camera, like my Nokia 809 concept. The volume buttons you can see 2 LEDs, they are light notification. dimensions: 136x74x11, the rest of the features shown on one of the images.
have a nice day 😉
Are you impressed with this device? Your views on the 360 degree rotating camera? ,etc. Let us know in the comment section below.
 Source : MyNokiaBlog 

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