Godfather OL - latest gangster theme game out now in Windows store

3:10 PM
Godfather OL

Godfather OL is the latest online strategy game from popular game publisher "SC Mobile".

The game sets in a world of chaos full of criminals and gangs. You start as a freshman who has to cross the Rubicon to survive and use  wisdom and  all kinds of strategy  to clear up anyone who dares to stand in the way, then finally build your own empire.

There're thousands of groups  to arrange as well as dozens of skills for you to handle. It might be challenging and interesting to find out what suits you  best. Meanwhile, the fighting, farming and upgrading are automatic. So you could focus more on making  choices wisely instead of having to do lots of operation stuff.

As an online strategy game, it also includes guild support where you could team up with players worldwide to join team fight. The game offers a full-function chat system with public , guild and private chat support.

With complete tutorial, epic team fight system, novel lansquenet system in God Father, there will be various methods for you to explore with lots of pleasure.

Find the game in Windows Store here

Windows 10 link

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