Device Diagnostics HUB Updated With Cortana Integration and Many New Features

7:41 PM
device diagnostics hub app
Today Device Diagnostics HUB tool app scores a major update in Windows store. This update comes with so many new features, new improvements. And with this update the app is now also work on Desktop and with Cortana integration.
Those who don't know, Device Diagnostics Hub app brings a Task Manager, a Device Manager, a Network Centre, a Restart , a Shutdown button and many more features. You just want to enable Device Portal from the phone settings and done. Windows 10 Mobile delivered many new APIs to developers that brings app of this kind to benefit users in Windows 10 platform.
Device Diagnostics Hub
If you want to know in real time the status of CPU, RAM, GPU, WiFi, really clean RAM, turn off or restart your phone, this is the app you've been waiting for! With Device Diagnostics HUB can do this and much more! You'll find information and features never seen before on mobile Windows since there WP7! The first app that will allow you to turn off or restart your phone, even through LiveTile and Cortana! There is also the all-new feature to clean REALLY RAM, going to free the memory from the frozen app.

This latest update is the big one and brings soo many new features to the table. Full change log is below. What's new in latest version
• The app is also available on the Desktop.
• Added support authentication.
• Added support to Cortana to turn off or restart your phone.
• Added many new languages. Now the app supports more than 40 languages, thanks to Bing Translator.
• The tutorial has been revolutionized. Now there is a wizard with attached video tutorials.
• The problem of special characters has been resolved in the APP.
• The data in the performance section are now more precise and detailed.
• Now you can clean the RAM going to release the memory occupied by the frozen app.
• Added link to my profile on Instagram.
• The LiveTile was finished.
• Added two new functions in the section BONUS: cleaning RAM, and the ipconfig command.
For version lovers, the latest app version is 1.5. This major update is now live on store, make sure that you hit following link to download app from store. Or you may scan the QR code to directly jump to Microsoft store.
Download Device Diagnostics HUB
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