Alcatel Introduces PIXI 3 Phablet running Windows 10 Mobile

12:11 AM
Today, Alcatel introduced their new tablet called PIXI 3, running on Windows 10 Mobile.This tablet features a massive 8 inch Display.
With great device, comes great responsibilities. Along with this device, Alcatel is also offering you several Color Skins and Flip Stand cover for the device.This device also comes with some interesting features like TV remote control,voice call,GPS and front and rear cameras, and 4G connectivity too.

The first ALCATEL ONETOUCH tablet with a Windows Mobile operating system, the entry-level PIXI 3 8-inch tablet features Windows 10 Mobile, optimized for tablets. It offers customization through Color Skins and Flip Stand covers. Other hot features: TV remote control, voice-call enablement, GPS, and front and rear cameras.
The entry-level PIXI 3 8-inch tablet struts a Windows 10 Mobile operating system and Qualcomm chipset for 4G connectivity
We are expecting to see more about this device in tomorrow's CES(CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW).The CES kicks off Monday with “CES Unveiled,” the Consumer Technology’s Association sanctioned look at over 100 new products, and then later in the evening, mysterious electric car manufacturer Faraday Future is likely to unveil a prototype new vehcile, which is expected to begin production in 2017.
 Source : WMPU  

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