Zapya Updated With New Improvements

11:26 AM
zapya WP
Today universal Zapya app snags a minor update in Windows store. This update does not come with new feature but come with important improvements to the app.
ZAPYA, the fastest tool for cross-platform file transfer. The coolest way in the world to share content with friends. Make sure devices to connect in the same WLAN, or connected to a AP created by ZAPYA on PC/Android.
What's new in latest update.
• Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Direct
• Log in to the application with WiFi
• Fixed app crash
• Improved User Interface
• Big Fixes
You can download app from here or you may scan the QR code to directly jump to the Microsoft store. This app update is only for Windows 10 devices and not for Windows phone 8.1.
Download Zapya.
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