Windows 10 Mobile Core Apps Updated, Calculator Gets New Features.

3:41 PM

Today Microsoft updated some of the core apps on Windows 10 mobile. Which includes Camera, Calculator, OneDrive and Block & Filter. Maybe Microsoft is polishing the core apps with this regular updates to work faster on newer Windows 10 builds. Mostly Windows 10 mobile will be available in early weeks of 2016.
As usual there is no change log listed for Camera, OneDrive and Block & Filter. But surprisingly Calculator app comes with change log on store.

What's new in Calculator app.
•  Try the new programmer mode, with added logical operations.
• Scientific mode also includes new functions.
•  You can now switch between dark and light themes.
•  It’s easier to use and faster than before.

But if you find any new changes in the apps other than this then don't forget to reply us back.
This update are now live on store. You can download the apps from following link. Download Windows Calculator.
Download Windows Camera.

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