WhatsApp is working on Video Calling feature...

2:02 PM
This year, biggest feature that landed for WhatsApp was support for making voice calls.It seems like Facebook is gonna do something with WhatsApp messenger that Facebook Messenger can already do. That is Making Video calls.
According to a report, the latest private version of WhatsApp beta for iOS have video calling support built-in.
Here's the leaked screenshot from WhatsApp iOS private Beta:

If it's true, we can hope of WhatsApp bringing this feature to Android and at the end for Windows phone,Just the way WhatsApp brought the calling feature at the end for Windows Phone.
This new feature is currently under testing, and will apparently make it's way to public in coming weeks.Video calling support will make WhatsApp a bigger competitor to Skype.
While Windows 10 has an integrated Skype video calling,the update may not come to Windows 8.1 device before Early 2016.
Alongside Video calling feature, WhatsApp is going to bring some more changes to it's app.
Let us know whether you would like to use WhatsApp or Skype for Video calls?

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