Readit gets a minor UPDATE for Windows 10

9:06 PM
One of the most popular Reddit client Readit snagged a minor update.The app is now updated to version As it's just a minor update,no new feature is introduced,However, there are some minor bug fixes and performance improvement in the app.


  •  Performance 

    • Javascript has been disabled in the embedded browser. No more stutter/lag when navigating readit after viewing some bad sites. Use the open in browser command to view a site with javascript if you need to.
    • This improves performance, reduces memory usage, reduces ram, reduces battery usage, etc. It also fixes the stutter bug for long reddit sessions. It deals with web trackers embedded into sites and the edge browser not unloading properly.

  •  Bug fixes 

    • Fixed selecting text when replying to a comment.
    • Text will now wrap in the message textbox when composing a message from profile/inbox
 Click here to download Readit for Windows 10 

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