Developer Submission: The brand new version of Honor Quest is now released!

7:53 AM
Great news, the brand new version 1.1.1 is now released! In the version, we've added new map, new heroes, new monsters, new items and new equipment, hope you are ready! Furthermore, the Halloween is around the corner, we've specially designed wonderful events and new items for everyone, wish you have a great time in Honor Quest!

honor quest use strategy

-New map: Aunecart Valley

A: In this new land, challenges you will be facing will be even more difficult, all monsters will be much more strong.

B: Heroes are now able to level up to 80 or higher, meanwhile, all equipment can be level 80 along with better attributes and more powerful magic.

-New Heroes:

A: 6 new heroes are now gettable. Don't underestimate them, much stronger than you expect. If possible, summon them to enforce your team.

B: New item: Exp Book. Consume Exp Books to level up your new heroes directly.

-Halloween Event

A: Newly added Pumpkin package, Halloween gift package and candy.

B: Participate the event to get valuable items and big amount of resource.

-Most of glitches in last Version have been fixed and some pages have been modified for better experience.

honor quest defeat enemy

Side note: If you have any suggestions or even complaints, we'd like you to share with us on Facebook or in game tickets, we will be get back to you as soon as we can.

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