Netflix Universal App on Windows 10 Mobile, BUT...

10:08 PM

Few weeks ago, Netflix released their universal app for Windows.However, the app was only available for Windows PC's and Tablets, and not for Windows 10 Mobile.
A person named, Vitor Mikaelson , successfully compiled the PC version of the app and ported
 it to Windows 10 Mobile. It's pretty good but with many bugs and problems.
As it's not the official app, and is not fully Integrated with Windows 10 Mobile,It works pretty well with Continuum support.

Some issues that were found.

  • Videos can't be played
  • You should not tap "Back" button as it will close the app
As it's not the official app, you won't get access to full app.However,if you want to try this app  Click here  .You should first turn on the developer Mode, to install this app.
Let us know your experience with this app in the comment section below.
 Source : Twitter 

 Via : WMPU 

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