How to stop the Windows 10 download reminder

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Are you annoyed when a message pops up asking you to download the new Windows 10? Well, there is always an easy way to get rid of it. Download Windows 10! But if you don't want to download it, don't worry we have a solution for you.

There is this Get Windows 10 removal tool which will help you uninstall the Get Windows 10 app from your PC once and for all. And yes, there will then be no fear of accidental upgrade as well. That’s exactly the purpose of the “Get Windows 10” Removal Tool - that’s right, this is the exact name of the application, and to be honest, it says pretty much everything about its purpose.
As Softpedia has mentioned, 
There are several apps that can help you deal with the Get Windows 10 app, but this one has the most basic interface ever. The only thing you see after launching the “Get Windows 10” Removal Tool is the one button that allows you do just that, remove the Get Windows 10 app. No settings, no other options, nothing.

After using this tool, you have to reboot your system. You can download the software by clicking here.

Another way to stop Microsoft from sending you Windows 10 upgrade notifications is by uninstalling the KB3035583 update (if you have reserved your copy of Windows 10)

How to uninstall KB3035583 update?

There is a system tray icon on your task bar. Click on it and select “Check your upgrade status.” Now click on “Cancel Reservation.” 

Another way to stop getting Windows 10 update reminder is to go to Control Panel on your system, then go to Programs and Features > Installed Updates. Once there, search for KB3035583. Found it? Double click on the update, and then say, Yes. This will uninstall KB3035583 from your system. Do not forget to reboot your machine after you make the changes to your system. You can download this update again, in case you change your mind.

If you want to check whether you had ever reserved a copy of Windows 10 to upgrade your operating system later, then go to Control Panel and check Windows Update. If you had reserved a copy in the past, then the system will show “Windows 10 Upgrade reserved.”

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