How to - Enable Cortana Outside United States.

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This article will show you “How you can enable Cortana outside United states in Windows 10”.

Along with new features and improvements in Windows 10, Microsoft bring Cortana to Windows 10 desktop.
Who is Cortana??
Cortana is a virtual digital personal assistant which helps in your work to get things done faster. She helps you to set remainder, give latest traffic result of your daily route, track flights and many more.

Although Microsoft bring Cortana to Windows 10 desktop but it isn’t actually available in every region or country. If you are living outside of United states or any other country where Cortana is not available, then todays guide is for you.

Follow the following steps and Enable Cortana

  1. Open the settings, go to Time & Language settings.
  2. From sidebar select region and language.
  3. Then change region to United states. 
  4. After that in Language section click on “Add a Language” there find English and select English (United states).
  5. After that again go to Region and Language section and click on English (United states) and then click on option.
  6. And now there you will see an option to download speech language of English (United states), download it.
  7. After finishing go back to Region and Language section and click on English (United states) and set its as default.
  8. After doing all steps correctly go to desktop and open up Cortana. She will be there to help you.
If you face any problem while doing this, then don't forget to reply us in comment section below.

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