Delete File Instantly Without Going it to Recycle Bin.

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In Windows operating system, the Recycle bin plays a vital role. It provides a place to get rid of files and folder that we don’t want longer. But sometime it also provides a restoration of file when we delete a file by mistake. But after deleting a file, it doesn’t get fully deleted from your system, it gets stored in recycle bin by default.
But today in my post, I will tell you “How you can delete a file instantly without going it to recycle Bin
Follow the steps.
1. If you want to delete a file. Just press and hold down Shift Key and drag that folder or file to Recycle bin.
2. While doing this you will see the Yellow alert of Delete. (See screenshot)
mccshreyas folder delete
3. And if you put that file (while holding shift) in Recycle Bin, then your file is gone and it won’t show up in the Recycle Bin.
I don’t recommend this trick for an average user, as they can delete an important file by mistake. But try this trick with an empty folder.
Let me know what you think about this, does our readers enjoy this trick, let us know in comment section below. 

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