New SHAREit now Officially in Windows Store

9:08 PM
New version of popular file sharing app SHAREit is now in Stores.It's an update to it's earlier app which is now marked as UNOFFICIAL.
SHAREit, A fantastic application that can complete transferring files between devices in seconds! Cellular data free! Genuine multi-platform! PS-When transmission via Wi-Fi, transmission speed will be affected by the equipment and the surrounding.
  • -Fantastic ·
    1. Photos, music and video easily to share with friends at any time, having fun with friend.
    2. Trandferring files between phone and computer at any time, trandferring is no longer limited.
  • -Cellular data free
    1. Equipments could transfer files as long as they are on the same LAN at any time.
    2. Without LAN- Equipments connected to hotspots that created by one of them, always could transfer files at any time.
* Transfer files over hotspots is not using cellular data. * Not support transfer files over hotspots that created by Windows Phone.

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