Monster Go! Game updated to include New Pet System, Enhanced Icon and Live Tiles

9:01 PM
monster go game for Windows

Monster Go! is an endless runner game with a blend in RPG elements. Pick a Monster, level up and upgrade monster’s skills, evolve monsters. Journey through many exciting levels, fights enemy monsters & bosses along the way. The game has just received an update in the Windows Phone store (version to include a new character, new pet system, new Xbox achievements and more.

Here is the detailed changelog:

Main Updates:
  • We have included a new character. Check out the new Magician
  • New Pet System: Now you can buy a pet to help fight, and master skills to level up
  • 10 new more Xbox Achievements! Get 100G extra to achieve the total of 300G!
  • Enhanced icon and Live Tiles

Users' requests:
  • Difficulty is balanced to make the game even more enjoyable
  • Character selection has been improved
  • Minor bug fixing

The update is live in the store and you can get Monster Go! Game from here

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