Loadkit Download Manager allows Background Downloading on Windows 10

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Loadkit Download Manager for Windows 10

One of the demanding and most user voted feature from the end users has been the ability to download content in background on their Windows Phone devices. I have been hearing people right from the beginning of when Windows Phone 8.1 was launched, getting around numerous queries about background download feature on their phones. Queries like:

  • How do i download files in background on my Lumia ?
  • Is background download feature available on Lumia?
  • When will background feature be available on Windows Phone? (sigh)

With the release of Windows 10 (PC), possibilities are limitless. Hundreds and thousands of API's, ready to be exploited by the developers and create something which will not only make them proud, but the entire community will be grateful (like me). And folks, this is just the beginning.

scheduling feature of Loadkit Download Manager for Windows 10

One such app is the "Loadkit Download Manager". The app is a Universal app and comes with loads and loads of features. It supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP which are the most used web protocols. 

You can Filter, Sort and Search, Schedule, Queue, Pause and Resume downloads. Loadkit integrates with web browsers in order start download directly from your browser and make it easier to use (Chrome/Mozilla).

It also notifies you of the finished downloads using beautiful Live Tiles.

On the phone, downloads will continue even if the app is not in the foreround so you can use your phone while data transfer operation is running in background. You will be notified by notifications about completed downloads.

Other Features include
  • Share Downloads
  • Drag & Drop Downloads
  • Action Center Notifications (optional)
Some of the upcoming features the developer is working on to deliver is the Multi Language Support, Cortana Support and Microsoft Edge Integration.

IMPORTANT NOTES - Mobile version is a PREVIEW version, we are working on crashes and unexpected behavior. If you are able to open the app after crashes, please use the feedback form and send us error reports

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