Hike working on a re-vamped version of its app for Windows 10 Mobile

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Hike messenger windows phone

Hike messenger, the popular Made in India cross-platform messaging service with over 35 million users have revealed their big plans for their Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile app coming by January 2016. According to Hike, with the latest version of OS i.e Windows 10 Mobile, they had to re-write the whole app so that it works flawlessly and uses up the entire platform features without any glitch.

Why are we behind? On both iOS & Windows, we’ve had to re-write the entire app to make sure that hike works extremely well on the latest versions of the OS. The re-vamped iOS app is already out in the App Store and Windows re-vamp will follow this month. Now that the re-vamped versions are (almost) out in the market we can finally go back to launching new features on both iOS and Windows! We’re really pumped up for the next few action-packed months gearing up for massive updates to our Windows Phone and iOS apps.

Here is the roadmap for the future updates for Windows Phone 8.1 and above

Nov 2015
  • A big new upgrade for Windows phone 8.1+
  • New chat themes

Dec 2015
  • Multiple admins in a group
  • All file types: Send DOCs, PDFs , APKs and other file types

Jan 2016
  • Sticker suggestions: Get relevant stickers suggestions as you type!

In case you are not aware, Hike has already started its "Group calling feature" with upto 100 people for its Android app and we do expect for its release for Windows Phone with November update, as it was planned so.

Till then, tell us what do you think of Hike messenger? Do you like the new features to be added soon. Do share your thoughts with us.

Source: Hike Blog

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