Fusion Dot - A New Game From Game Troopers.

9:37 PM
Fusion Dot

Popular Windows Phone game developer, Game Troopers releases Fusion Dot, a new puzzle game for gamers. This is a new 2048 style puzzle game, which is universally available for Windows devices.

There are total 120 exciting levels with several objectives, that will never boor you.

Features of Fusion Dots:
• Change the color of the dots while you fusion them with a simple swipe
• Play against clock or at your own pace, depending on the level
• Adorable, fun and zen design
• Enjoy the minimalistic mechanics with the relaxing music.

If you are really a fan of 2048 puzzle game, then you will enjoy it.

Does our readers like the collection of games by Game Troopers for Windows Phone, let us know in comment section below.

Get Fusion Dot for Windows Phone.
QR code Fusion Dot

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