Brilli Gallery Locker App Updated With New Features.

4:50 PM
Brilli Gallary Locker 

Today Brilli Gallery Locker app picked up a major update in Windows phone store. Brilli Gallery locker app lets you lock your files. This is one of the most cool and useful app for maintaining privacy of our data.

App that locks your ALL YOUR FILES and then them from your gallery! Lock all your photos, videos, music & document files! You must have been in situations when you have to pass your phone to your friends and family but do not want them to open your galleryor flick right/left to that next photo. You have always wanted to keep your private and personal files safe and forthat Brilli Gallery Locker is the best solution! Say no to importing a photo in a locker app and then manually delete it from the photos app. Welcome Brilli Gallery Locker ! Lock photos, videos & other files from your photo gallery and SD card in Brilli Gallery Locker, which can only be accessed from the app. Keep your private memories
Exclusive Features.
1. Fake Pin – Use this to open a fake locker when someone pressures you to open the app!
2. Flick/Swipe to view next photo the way it does in Photos app.
3. 8 different themes to personalize your app.
4. Folder Management
In this new update company added following new features to the app.
1. Create and lock notes inside the app!
2. Now lock any file with Brilli Gallery Locker.
3. Files supported – doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx, pdf, epub, mp3, wma, ppt, pptx, wav, rtf
4. Languages added – Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi
You can download this app from here. Or you may scan the QR code to directly jump to the store.
Does our readers use this app, let us know  in comment section below.

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