Windows Apps will soon run on Android devices

8:29 AM
Almost all Windows Phone users are waiting for the day, when Windows phone will be able to run android apps.But, Codeweavers is working on an emulator that will run "Windows Apps on Android Tablets". And yes, your android devices are going to be lot more productive. Codeweaver will bring an emulator software to let Android Tablet run software that are designed for Windows Phone Platform.Unfortunately not all Android devices will be able to run Windows Apps, as it required to have an x86 processor,meaning Intel Atom chipset,which is currently available on some Android tablets like Nokia N1.
Well, it doesn't means that your Android Tablet will be a fully Functional Windows Tab, specific features like Microsoft's Continuum and Messaging are not a part of this package, you'll still be able to run third party windows apps.
The page on the developer's website reveals that a technical Preview of this emulator will be available soon, and the best part is, it's going to be FREE.
To run this software, your tablet need to have atleast 2GB of Ram, and an Intel atom chipset.Examples of such tablets are Lenovo's Yoga 2, Dell Venue 10 7000 series and Nokia N1. Intel also powers some handsets like Asus ZenFone 2 and Lenovo K900.

As you know it's an emulator, Windows Apps won't run smoothly on your Android tablets.


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