MyAppFree: Baby Book FREE for 24 Hours

3:36 PM

Windows Phone app Baby Book is free for 24 Hours as MyAppFree app of the Day.


The best of breed baby book for Windows Phone. Perfect tool for parents to immortalize the early years of their children. Integrates with OneDrive to ensure that your child's first words, first steps and first smile will forever be saved and accessible.


  • Easy to use
  • Mark events and measurements, also ultrasound measures
  • Add an image to every event
  • Connect with OneDrive for backup and restore
  • Copy images to and from your phone's media library
  • Growth Chart with World Health Organization's (WHO) percentile curves for height and weight
  • Email support - send the book by email
  • Share events on social medias
  • Keep books of multiple babies
  • Many more to discover


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