Microsoft brings us Microsoft Band 2 - For the 2nd Gen of Fitness Devices!

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Presenting Microsoft Band 2, Live healthier and achieve more.

Microsoft Band 2

At Microsoft's event today for #Windows10Devices, there was already a lot of anticipation around the new Lumia Devices, the Surface Pro and one thing which is going to change the way we look at the booming fitness devices is Microsoft's latest announcement - THE BAND 2. This is  Microsoft's second attempt at the fitness tracker with a re-worked, re-designed and re-conceptualized Microsoft Band. Though it has made it's entry in already a chocobloc market where we already have competing companies like Fitbit, GOQII, Mi Band, and loads more. 

A few days back we reported a few leaks from the industry and yes, we were almost there. The Microsoft Band 2 is a blend of comfortable rubberized soft plastic and rounded metal, something is practical to wear, feels comfortable to use and is very trendy and premium at same time.  The Band 2 has no hard edges and sports the very first curved display which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and is scratch resistance.

The Band 2 hosts a lot of sensors and functions which have been re-utilized from the 1st generation, like – a built in GPS, UV monitoring, guided workouts, sleep and calorie tracking and smart notifications. In addition to these features and the re-zigged design, the Band 2 brings some brilliantly crafted additions. To name a few, it comes with a barometer to help track elevation changes, which means the exercise monitor will give you even more accurate results while it works on your workouts and calories track.

Microsoft also made an announcement for the Microsoft Health integration, which will sync all your Band data across all Windows 10 devices where ever you can or have signed in. Hence, it will give you on demand – real time in depth analysis of all your health information, your progress, workout schedule, charts, sleep tracking, goals etc. The Band 2 also comes with a heart rate monitor which will provide us with most accurate heart rate with time stamps via Microsoft Health.

For some serious sports and fitness enthusiasts, the Band 2 also comes with a VO2 Max sensor which detects the rate at which our heart, lungs and muscles can use oxygen during workouts. Microsoft is claiming that the Band 2 is the only device in the market which will give us such accurate and in depth results and is a must buy for someone who is serious in improving their fitness levels.

Microsoft Band 2 is not only limiting itself to fitness. Now it would teach you and track your Golf routines. The band has the ability to track all your swings and the shots you make while playing golf. It will also help you with distance to holes, variation in swings and will give you a detailed report once you finish the game.

Apart from Fitness and Golfing, the Band 2 is running on Windows 10 and comes with our favorite – Cortana. She will give you all alerts from your phones and fitness schedules. It would help you schedule your workouts, help you with real time information on meals, calories, sleeping patterns etc. The best thing is that Microsoft has tied up with 3rd party vendors with the launch of this device, which means, that you’ll get your calendar, twitter and facebook notification directly on your band. Microsoft has also tied up with Uber and you will be book your ride directly from your Band.

The battery life of Microsoft Band 2 is average and will run for 48 hours with full charge. We feel it is lesser than what other players in the market are offering. The Band 2 is currently available on pre-booking, and will start shipping from 30th October 2015. You can place your orders here (for US and UK). For South East Asian Countries, the Band 2 will be released from new year onwards.

Big question is, will you buy Microsoft Band 2 or buy some other fitness device? Share your views in the comments section below.

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