Microsoft brings its own “3D Touch” system to Windows 10

8:21 PM
3D touch

Brace your self Insiders Microsoft announced an unexpected feature in the coming builds. And it is Microsoft's own 3D Touch System.
AS we know Apple has just introduced 3D touch and they are great responses for this feature.

Microsoft has of course been working on exploding Live Tiles, which would have delivered the same experience, but in 2014 abandoned this with the handset, the McLaren, which was meant to introduce it.

Now it seems the feature is back, in the form of a right click feature or press and hold feature on the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview, where is gives access to quick actions, such as in the Tweetium app being able to write a tweet without even opening the app.

By the time it does eventually come to our phones, PCs and tablets the technology will be completely associated with Apple, and Microsoft will once again be branded a follower rather than a leader.


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